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Dr. Alexander Vaysman Sucks - Far Rockaway, NY    Back to the homepage
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This doctor is a sleazy nasty pig.

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Posted by: Anonymous (Posted 1/19/11)

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Responses (1)
Anonymous (5/8): Aleksander Vaysman's a great doctor. (report)
Responses (4)
Anonymous (1/19): My daughter is friends with his daughter and she complained to me that he is constantly using vulgar language around the girls. Sexual connotations is common place at the Vaysman home. I understand that Drugs and alcohol also play a significant role over there. (report)
Anonymous (1/28): i agree 110%. dr. alex vaysman is a terrible person. i used to work in pharmacy nex to his medikal office. he has some shady dealings going on with the pharmcists there. someone needs to look into this. (report)
Anonymous (3/7): oh snap, this doctor iz a shady nigga for real. he been writing my boo vikodans fornothin n he all messed up. he a freak too do. (report)
Anonymous (3/7): oh n dis nigga b smokin bluntz to do. doc vaysman is a crazy nigga (report)

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